Strong €1.2 billion yacht order backlog for Sanlorenzo

Strong €1.2 billion yacht order backlog for Sanlorenzo

The Board of Directors of Sanlorenzo, led by Chairman and CEO Massimo Perotti, recently convened to examine and approve the periodic financial information as of 31 March 2024.

The yacht order backlog remains in the region of €1.2 billion, with a 2024 Guidance coverage of over 70% after only one quarter, and approximately €560 million of net backlog relating to subsequent years.

With scheduled deliveries up to 2028 and 88% already sold to end customer, Sanlorenzo’s sell-in-sell-out dynamics are completely under control confirming its unique business model within the international yachting scene.

“Sanlorenzo starts 2024 with a first quarter performance in line with forecasts and our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth over the long term,” comments Massimo Perotti.

“With the acquisition of Simpson Marine Group closed on 5 March, we have started to work quickly on integration, especially at a commercial level, in terms of optimising the product portfolio but also in the global development of services such as chartering, synergically with the international hubs of Sanlorenzo Group.

“We continuously invest in product innovation, from concept design to the latest green technologies. As proof of the ambitious “Road to 2030”, in March we launched the BGH-HSV – the America’s Cup chase boat with dual foil-fuel cell technology – now undergoing sea trials to be delivery to the New York Yacht Club’s American Magic syndicate.

“At the same time, the 50-metre fuel cells Superyacht is ready for launching on 18 May at the La Spezia shipyard. It is the first in the world with the futuristic Siemens reformer-fuel cell methanol green for the production of 100kw for hotellerie and reduced autonomy in hybrid version, with the only waste product being residual water vapour, 100% sustainable, which returns to the sea.

“In parallel, we invest in strengthening direct distribution and production infrastructures, reinvigorating every day the competitive advantages which underpin our leadership position. The Group maintains, even after acquisitions, enviable equity soundness and liquidity, which will allow us to promptly assess and seize any further opportunities, also in terms of growth by external lines.”

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