Sanlorenzo’s shipyards are going greener

Sanlorenzo has taken another significant step in reducing its carbon footprint by partnering with Axpo Energy Solutions Italia (an Energy Service Company within the Axpo Group) to establish three new photovoltaic plants at the sites in Ameglia, La Spezia, and Viareggio.

With a total capacity of 1.5 MW, complementing the existing 500 kW at Sanlorenzo’s facilities, these new plants will lead to a reduction of over 600 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The group also plans to further increase the installed capacity to 3.1 MW by the end of 2024.

With sustainability firmly at the core of its growth strategy, Sanlorenzo consistently invests in innovation to minimise the environmental impact of its operations, from material selection to propulsion systems and manufacturing processes. The shipyard is managing the energy transition through strategic collaboration with global players who specialise in the development of energy efficiency, renewable projects, and electric mobility.

This project represents a strategic investment for the company. Ferruccio Rossi, Group General Manager & President Sanlorenzo Superyacht, explains: “The installation of photovoltaic plants in Ameglia, La Spezia, and Viareggio is a significant step forward in our decarbonisation journey. The transition to renewable energy underscores our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of production activities. By harnessing solar energy, we contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable energy supply.

“For Sanlorenzo, this is a strategic investment aligning with the company’s social and environmental responsibility goals, demonstrating a long-term vision oriented towards sustainability.”

Sanlorenzo’s business philosophy and future vision of sustainable development are shared by Axpo and form the basis of this successful partnership.  “Excellence and sustainability are principles that can help businesses appropriately address the challenges of the ecological transition,” comments Marco Garbero, General Manager of Axpo Energy Solutions Italia.

“We believe that the collaboration with Sanlorenzo is a tangible manifestation of this vision, showcasing the potential of the green economy as an opportunity to generate unprecedented synergies between companies in different sectors.

“We are pleased to accompany Sanlorenzo, a Made in Italy brand appreciated worldwide, on its journey towards increasingly integrated sustainability in products and processes, leveraging photovoltaic technology. As AESI, we aim to continue in this direction, promoting the adoption of renewable sources and energy efficiency as drivers for the development of the country’s system.”

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