Sanlorenzo SP110 wins prestigious design award

Sanlorenzo’s SP110 model has won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro 2024 design award during a ceremony at the at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

The international jury for the global design award praised the SP110 for its exceptional combination of Made in Italy design, high performance, and focus on sustainability – distinctive traits of the Italian Sanlorenzo shipyard.

Established by Gio Ponti in 1954, the Compasso d’Oro celebrates virtuous projects that combine quality, innovation, and cultural impact – not just the most popular or most visually appealing designs. Extremely selective, the Compasso d’Oro has only awarded just over 370 acknowledgements in its 70-year history, underscoring the prestigious nature of the accolade.

Launched at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, the revolutionary SP110 highlights Sanlorenzo’s effortless ability to blend tradition and innovation, offering yachts that meet the highest standards of design and technology while addressing the growing sustainability demands in the nautical sector.

The extraordinary balance of design, sustainability, and performance visible in this model results from collaboration of high-profile experts and creatives: Bernardo Zuccon for exterior design, Tilli Antonelli for product development, Marco Arnaboldi for the hull, and Piero Lissoni for the interiors.

The first of the ‘Smart Performance’ range, the SP110 can offer high performance with maximum energy efficiency owing to the use of fractional propulsion, composed of three engines. The energy recovery system also includes highly-efficient solar panels and lithium batteries, enabling hotellerie functions to be powered without the use of generators.

The exterior design, curated by Zuccon International Project, features aerodynamic shapes and a distinctive style. The interiors, designed by Piero Lissoni, follow elegant minimalism, using lightweight materials such as lava stone, and optimise the ample onboard spaces, designed to promote both conviviality and privacy, with innovative solutions such as the expanded sun deck and the well-equipped bow dinette.

It is due to these cutting-edge features that the international jury (through), decided to award the Compasso d’Oro to the hull, following a two year scientific selection process which involved a permanent multidisciplinary observatory of about 150 experts.

The SP110 is more than just a boat as it “interprets the idea of a floating home through new proportions, a new relationship between transparent and opaque surfaces, and new living solutions. A boat that renews the production process in a strategic sector, through careful research of constructive and usage sustainability factors.”

The Sanlorenzo SP110 will be on display at the ADI Design Museum From 20 June to 15 September 2024.

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Another award for the Bluegame BGM75

The Bluegame BGM75 has been selected as a winner in Robb Report’s Best of the Best list for 2024.

Winning in the Innovation category of the Best of Marine in the luxury publication’s 36th Annual Best of the Best issue, this incredible accolade places Bluegame BGM75 firmly amongst some of the leading names in the luxury yacht and superyacht industry.

Robb Report says to ‘expect copycats’ of the BGM75 as ‘the subtle luxury of the interior only increases the distance between this breakthrough design and other yachts its size’.

With the BGM75, Bluegame has created a motor yacht with a narrower beam than would usually been seen on a multihull of this size, offering a more ‘svelte’, less boxy profile without compromising on accommodation or entertainment space. Onboard there’s a full-beam main suite, featuring a large bedroom and sizable en-suite, the option of two or three guest cabins, an expansive 27-foot wide beach club with tender garage and a vast flybridge with uninterrupted 360 degree views.

The innovative twin hulled design also amplifies the efficiency of the BGM75, with the yacht consuming 30-percent less fuel than a 90-foot monohull of a similar volume.

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Bluegame: Leading a revolution on the water

When leading designer Luca Santella and design studio Zuccon International Project penned the lines for the Bluegame fleet, they were ready to shake things up.

Not content with just breaking the mould, they smashed it. The result: a revolutionary series of yachts that combine function and seaworthiness with elegance and innovation.

A brand of Sanlorenzo, Bluegame’s BGX, BG and BGM ranges completely embody the brand’s rebellious spirit, while creating a unique connection to the sea.

With the build slots secured and construction underway, prospective owners can effectively ‘jump the queue’ to ownership of a BGX63 or BG54 in 2025, offering those with an adventurous heart the opportunity to experience life onboard one of these incredible yachts next summer.

And, as the specification window is yet to close, there’s still time to have a say in the finer details of each craft to personalise it to an individual’s personal taste and style.

Bluegame BGX63

The Bluegame BGX63 reinvents the conventional layout for a 60-foot yacht, moving the saloon to the same level as the sea for an unwavering ocean panorama, and raising the aft cockpit to enhance privacy onboard and create a more fluid connection to the galley and deckhouse dining area.

Available in February 2025, this BGX63 is specified as a three cabin (plus a crew cabin) layout and includes all the essential options, including:

  • Seakeeper stabiliser
  • Watermaker
  • Wet bar
  • Garmin navigation equipment
  • Deckhouse opening roof
  • 3/4 length hydraulic swim platform as part of the latest evolution of the BGX63
  • Retractable pantograph gangway
  • Cockpit sun awnings

And much more…

Bluegame BG54

Completely redesigned to benefit from the most up-to-date technology, this Bluegame BG54 is defined by class leading ergonomics and functionality.

The large stern space and 360° cockpit offer breath taking views which can be enjoyed from the comfortable seating surrounding the extendable table. Designed for safe navigation in all weather conditions, the wheelhouse remains unsurpassed for maximum visibility with the distinctive reverse windshield.

This BG54 will be available in July 2025, and can be configured as required.

Finance options are available and part exchange will be considered against each of these stunning yachts.

To find out more, contact the Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team via [email protected] or +44 (0) 2380 450 001.

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Jewels of the Sea

At the recent British Motor Yacht Show, the Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team was delighted to cross paths with bespoke jewellery brand, W&W Jewellery, which shares Sanlorenzo’s passion for custom design, innovation and craftmanship.

Crafting tailor-made motor yachts that channel the individual style and desires of their owners, Sanlorenzo is a master in creating an entirely customised experience, with the made to measure interiors on its luxury motor yachts hand-crafted to perfection.

Mirroring Sanlorenzo’s ethos, W&W crafts exquisite bespoke jewellery to create an unforgettable experience while encapsulating the unique essence of the wearer within each custom piece. It was founded for those with a desire for distinctiveness and continues to combine its extensive industry experience with a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and unrivalled personal service, to create one-of-a-kind jewellery where detail is everything.

So, from bespoke jewels of the sea to bespoke jewellery inspired by the ocean, take a journey to explore the pinnacle of luxury design…

Boats and Jewellery

Secrets of the Deep

The allure of water is a powerful thing and its mystery and sanctuary have offered incredible inspiration to creatives throughout time – from Monet and Turner to Dickenson, Tennyson, Hemmingway and countless more. Over the years the sea has kept its hold over art in many forms, including a great deal of W&W’s bespoke jewellery designs. Whether incorporating colours and textures to remind the wearer of a picture-perfect moment, or harnessing the more abstract power of freedom, the ocean allows unbridled scope for the imagination.

Deck and interior of yacht with gold and blue ring

Jewellery Tied to the Ocean

The stunning ring above was created to honour a W&W client’s survival of a difficult time and also the importance of her strong connection to the sea. According to legend, aquamarines are known as mermaid’s stones, protecting sailors from the perils of the ocean. The piece became known as the Mermaid Ring, beautifully channelling her past and present in a design that will be worn and loved for many years to come.

Channelling the essence of the wearer into a bespoke design takes a multi-faceted approach. The below pendant, created as a wedding gift, was inspired by a client’s international lifestyle. Currently based in the South of France, with the Mediterranean Sea at every turn, the piece takes note from the couple’s curated life, with influences from local architecture and of course a palette of dazzling Mediterranean colour.

For many, finding exactly the right gemstone is key to perfect custom jewellery. W&W Jewellery’s extensive connections means it is able to scour the world for the right shade and quality of gemstone or diamond. From sourcing a rare colour-change sapphire to perfectly reflect ever shifting waters, to finding the perfect deep green tourmaline, reminiscent of family holidays off the east coast of Africa. Whether in colour or in the details of design, the sea has played an important role in many of our bespoke creations.

Yacht staircase and jewelled pendant

Luxury on the Water

With such inspirational beauty all around, Sanlorenzo extends the bespoke experience to life on the water, creating a tailor-made world that aligns perfectly with its clients and elevates their time at sea to the next level.

Sanlorenzo’s 57Steel Virtuosity was recently awarded the Judges Commendation at this year’s Boat International Design and Innovation Awards, the custom interior for the remarkable 56.5m yacht was realised by renowned Italian designer Piero Lissoni, who is also Art Director at Sanlorenzo.

It was the project’s curvaceous staircase which particularly caught the eye of the judges. Describing it as ‘breath-taking’ and a ‘masterpiece’, the judging panel were captivated by its beautiful architecture, noting the construction and unique use of Corian and steel.

The Beauty of Bespoke

Employing artisans of the finest calibre, from designers to craftsman, and with painstaking care taken at every stage, incredible quality is synonymous with the bespoke experience. Whether jewel or vessel, custom creation is the ultimate expression of personal style and the pinnacle of luxury living.

The beauty of bespoke is not limited to the final creation, the creative journey is equally as significant as clients work in close unity with designers, becoming part of the process. The end result is something multi-layered and extraordinary, with its own story to tell.

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Sanlorenzo launches first superyacht with Green Methanol Fuel Cell system

Sanlorenzo has achieved a significant milestone in its journey towards carbon neutrality with the launch of the first unit of its 50Steel – the world’s first superyacht with a Green Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of powering the onboard hotel systems with zero emissions.

The 50Steel will also introduce another innovation to the market in the shape of the HER (Hidden Engine Room) system. This is a revolutionary new onboard concept that has allowed for the maximisation of space to create an additional living area, modifying the traditional layout of the boat.

“With the launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo celebrates a fundamental milestone in its history, in the spirit of innovation and sustainability,” says Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO of the Sanlorenzo Group.  “The new line of superyachts embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for challenges that have always guided us in the design and construction of our fleet.

“I believe what sets us apart is the ability to drive industry innovation, embracing cutting-edge solutions not only in design, always elegant and comfortable, but also in the field of technology and sustainability, to achieve the ambitious goals of reducing our environmental footprint.”

The Green Methanol Fuel Cell System

The 50Steel’s modular Reformer – Fuel Cell system, developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy, is capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy to power all the yacht’s hotel systems without storing hydrogen on board.

This revolutionary solution will allow the ship to generate electrical energy up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generators turned off: the system, completely carbon-neutral, significantly increases the time spent at anchor without diesel fuel consumption, covering about 90% of the typical usage time of a superyacht with zero emissions.

The HER System (Hidden Engine Room)

Patented by Sanlorenzo, the HER system allows for new ways of interpreting space while keeping the yachtunder 500 tons of displacement and enables a redesigned layout of the engine room.

Horizontal development of the propulsion systems and new distribution of the technical area in the under lower deck has allowed  for the exploitation of new spaces in the lower deck area. This includes an additional lounge, the Ocean Lounge, which is directly connected on one side with the large aft Beach Club equipped with a pool, and on the other side with the guest area, where cabins are complemented by a gym and a spa area.

Unprecedented volumes and elegant spaces in perfect Sanlorenzo style, the 50Steel spans over five staggered decks, creating spacious areas and reducing partitions and barriers. This new and

disruptive internal architecture is imperceptible from the external profile, which maintains a clean and essential line thanks to the innovative design by Zuccon International Project studio.

Ascending five steps from the Ocean Lounge, the main deck and the heart of 50Steel is reached, consisting of a spacious and sophisticated salon, that epitomizes the essence of the onboard experience.

Designed to let light enter, the stairs run through the interior of the boat connecting different areas, from the area dedicated to the gym and spa on the lower deck, to the second salon on the upper deck. In the middle, the dining room takes on a new dimension on the 50Steel: with ceiling heights varying from 2.1-metres up to 3.35-metres.

The alteration of the traditional layout has allowed for the optimisation of every corner of the boat, with the 50Steel accommodating four guest cabins and one for the owner, as well as two pools on the aft Beach Club and on the sun deck respectively.

The connection between the different areas is also enhanced externally: the three upper levels are connected via a system of stairs, with maximum level differences of one and a half metres, which do not affect the profile of the boat.

Remaining consistent with the principle of maximising onboard comfort that characterises Sanlorenzo yachts, the aft Beach Club, with its three open terraces, becomes, when anchored, a 150 sqm beach on the sea.

Piero Lissoni is the genius behind the interior design of this first unit, Sanlorenzo’s Art director has created spaces imbued with sophistication conferred by elements such as coffered ceilings and dark wood walls.

For this complex and challenging project, Piero Lissoni has employed 3D technology for the first time, allowing the technical model developed by Sanlorenzo to be overlaid with the architectural model, ensuring optimal control over every detail.

Technical Data

Overall length: 49.99m

Maximum beam: 9.40m

Design draft: 2.96m

Gross tonnage: 499 GT approx.

Hull: Steel

Superstructure: Aluminium

Guest accommodation: 10 people

Crew accommodation: 9 people

Engines: MAN D2862-LE489 1066 kW (1450 PS) @ 2100 RPM

Generators: 1 x 118 kW

Maximum speed (approx.): 16 knots

Cruising speed (approx.): 12,5 knots

Economical speed (approx.): 11 knots

Autonomy at economical speed (approx.): 4,000 nm

Fuel capacity: 55,000 lt

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Benefits of yacht charter for yacht owners

The luxury yacht charter market is growing, and the charter fleet continues to expand. With access to exclusive destinations, privacy, state-of-the-art amenities, and luxurious accommodation, it’s easy to see the advantages of chartering a luxury yacht and why it’s so popular.

But what is not so obvious is the benefit of chartering to the luxury yacht owner. However, offering a yacht for charter or placing a yacht with a luxury yacht charter management firm can yield a range of benefits, enhancing the yacht ownership experience.

Income Generation 

Chartering out a luxury yacht when it is not in use can generate significant income for the owner. The charter fees can help offset the costs of ownership, including maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and mooring fees, making yacht ownership more financially sustainable.

Tax Benefits

Certain countries offer tax incentives for commercial yachts engaged in charter activities, such as reduced VAT rates or tax deductions for expenses related to chartering.


Regular charter activity guarantees a luxury yacht is regularly serviced and maintained by a professional crew, keeping it in pristine condition for safe and efficient operation for both charter guests and the owner. This ensures no minor issues turn into major problems, which could affect the yacht’s value or attractiveness as a luxury charter yacht.


Chartering a luxury yacht increases its visibility within the yachting community, and among potential yacht buyers. Word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools, and charter guests may recommend the yacht to others or be interested in purchasing a similar yacht for themselves. In this way, chartering provides valuable networking opportunities for the owner to maximise the luxury yacht’s charter potential, as well as generate potential leads for the shipyard.


Chartering offers flexibility for owners who may not have the time, or the inclination, to use their luxury yacht all year round – without impinging on an owner’s enjoyment of their yacht. Charter agreements permit owners to block out specific dates for private use, or an owner can choose to charter the yacht for specific seasons or set periods, allowing them to maintain control over their asset while still generating income.

Chartering also doesn’t have to be an administrative headache for an owner. Professional luxury yacht charter management firms, such as Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet (SLCF), offer comprehensive services for charter yacht owners, including marketing of the luxury yacht to the world’s charter market, booking management, crew recruitment, tailor-made insurance policies and financial administration.

Outsourcing these tasks to luxury yacht charter professionals can streamline operations and ensure a yacht is run efficiently and profitably, bringing great benefit to the owner, and maximising the return on the investment they have made in their luxury yacht.

To find out more contact our expert Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team via [email protected] or +44 (0) 2380 450 001.

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Strong €1.2 billion yacht order backlog for Sanlorenzo

The Board of Directors of Sanlorenzo, led by Chairman and CEO Massimo Perotti, recently convened to examine and approve the periodic financial information as of 31 March 2024.

The yacht order backlog remains in the region of €1.2 billion, with a 2024 Guidance coverage of over 70% after only one quarter, and approximately €560 million of net backlog relating to subsequent years.

With scheduled deliveries up to 2028 and 88% already sold to end customer, Sanlorenzo’s sell-in-sell-out dynamics are completely under control confirming its unique business model within the international yachting scene.

“Sanlorenzo starts 2024 with a first quarter performance in line with forecasts and our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth over the long term,” comments Massimo Perotti.

“With the acquisition of Simpson Marine Group closed on 5 March, we have started to work quickly on integration, especially at a commercial level, in terms of optimising the product portfolio but also in the global development of services such as chartering, synergically with the international hubs of Sanlorenzo Group.

“We continuously invest in product innovation, from concept design to the latest green technologies. As proof of the ambitious “Road to 2030”, in March we launched the BGH-HSV – the America’s Cup chase boat with dual foil-fuel cell technology – now undergoing sea trials to be delivery to the New York Yacht Club’s American Magic syndicate.

“At the same time, the 50-metre fuel cells Superyacht is ready for launching on 18 May at the La Spezia shipyard. It is the first in the world with the futuristic Siemens reformer-fuel cell methanol green for the production of 100kw for hotellerie and reduced autonomy in hybrid version, with the only waste product being residual water vapour, 100% sustainable, which returns to the sea.

“In parallel, we invest in strengthening direct distribution and production infrastructures, reinvigorating every day the competitive advantages which underpin our leadership position. The Group maintains, even after acquisitions, enviable equity soundness and liquidity, which will allow us to promptly assess and seize any further opportunities, also in terms of growth by external lines.”

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Sanlorenzo makes British Motor Yacht Show debut

Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo will be making its show debut at this year’s British Motor Yacht Show, 16-19 May 2024.

Throughout the event hosted in Swanwick Marina, Southampton, the expert team at Sanlorenzo Yachts UK with be presenting a beautifully specified Sanlorenzo SL90A which, at 28-metres, will also be the largest yacht on display at the four-day boat show.

“We’re delighted to be bringing one of our stunning Sanlorenzo yachts to the British Motor Yacht Show for the first time,” says Nick Hatfield, Sales Manager at Sanlorenzo Yachts UK.

“We’re inviting prospective Sanlorenzo owners, yachting enthusiasts, and other interested parties onboard for an exclusive tour of this magnificent example of what the shipyard can build.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the true meaning of customisation and understand Sanlorenzo’s ethos of innovative design, tailored to the requirements and desires of each individual owner.”

Designed by Bernado Zuccon, this elegant SL90A has been exquisitely finished with a light and modern interior using different wood, marble, and fabric textures, providing a refined and dignified decor.

The A in SL90A stands Asymmetric, a bold and innovative internal formation which see the yacht’s port side deck moved up a level to increase the yacht’s interior volume. Expanding the main deck saloon by 10-15 per cent, the tangible connection with the sea through the floor to ceiling windows has been amplified.

Four extremely well-appointed staterooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom, provide ample accommodation for up to eight guests in comfort and style, making the yacht an ideal platform for spending time with the family or entertaining friends.

Built by Sanlorenzo Yacht at its Ameglia base on the Ligurian coast of Italy, this class leading yacht offers a timeless aesthetic, breaking the mould compared to others in her class, while remaining under the important 24-metre hull length.

Also on display will be the Bluegame BG42. Defying convention, this rebellious 13-metre motor yacht harmoniously blends the agility of a motorboat, the comfort of a day cruiser, with the versatility of a chase boat.

The spacious interior boasts a luxurious full-beam master cabin with a king-size bed and a bathroom reminiscent of a 60-footer.

To book a private tour of either of these phenomenal yachts at the show and immerse yourself in Sanlorenzo’s unparalleled design innovation, artisan craftmanship and limitless customisation contact the Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team via [email protected] or +44 (0) 2380 450 001.

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Sanlorenzo to showcase installation by Piero Lissoni during Milan Design Week

From 16 to 28 April, the eighteenth-century courtyard of the University of Milan will be the setting for an installation symbolising Sanlorenzo’s commitment to marine sustainability, featuring the revolutionary BGH-HSV (Hydrogen Support Vessel) project by Bluegame.

The Italian shipyard brings a unique experience to Milan Design Week 2024 as part of the Interni Cross Vision exhibition-event with its installation ‘Sustainable Underwater Balance’ (SUB). Placed in the evocative courtyard of the University of Milan’s eighteenth-century building, ‘SUB’ is a creation of architect Piero Lissoni, Sanlorenzo’s Art Director since 2018.

‘SUB’ invites the audience to explore the underwater world as a symbol of pristine purity and commitment to ocean conservation, enabling a new perspective: the sea seen from within the sea.

The installation is designed to transport visitors to an underwater universe where sunlight dances through the water, creating a magical interplay of light and shadow. In this surreal setting, marine creatures in motion can be admired, symbolising a respectful and sustainable marine ecosystem.

At the heart of the installation lies one of the Sanlorenzo’s latest creations, the revolutionary BGH-HSV (Hydrogen Support Vessel) model by Bluegame, a Sanlorenzo brand.

It represents a highly complex technical and design challenge: a multihull vessel of just 10 metres, capable of reaching speeds of 50 knots and covering a range of 180 miles, with hydrogen-powered foils, embodying the pinnacle of sustainability to date.

The digital reconstruction of BGH during navigation moments, with an underwater perspective, illustrates Sanlorenzo’s commitment to sustainability and marine environment protection.

This underwater world will provide a visual and conceptual framework for reflecting on our relationship with the environment and the importance of adopting sustainable practices for its preservation. Through the use of digital technologies and representation of underwater scenarios, the installation celebrates the innovation and sustainability of Sanlorenzo’s projects, where the coexistence among animals, humans, and vessels is not only possible but can be fluid, peaceful, and devoid of danger.

“This year, together with Sanlorenzo, we brought a slice of the sea to the University,” says Piero Lissoni.

“It’s as if we sliced and placed a block of ocean with everything inside it: marine creatures, waves, swimmers. Amidst this virtual sea, the silhouette of the new Bluegame vessel can be seen. People will be able to walk inside the parallelepiped with walls made of virtual water and not get wet at all.”

Carla Demaria, CEO of Bluegame, comments: “Our vision at Bluegame has always been to combine technological excellence with a deep respect for the marine environment. The BGH-HSV project represents a significant step towards realising this vision.

“We are excited to present to the world this tangible testament to our commitment to maritime sustainability. The use of hydrogen as a propulsion system, an absolute novelty in recreational boating, is a tangible sign of our commitment to reducing emissions and adopting innovative solutions for a more sustainable future”.

The ‘SUB’ installation will be open to the public in the courtyard of the University of Milan’s eighteenth-century building until the 28 April, 2024.

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Immersive event in London increases Sanlorenzo’s exposure in the UK

Following the conclusion of its exclusive two-week immersive experience at St Katharine Docks, London, Sanlorenzo Yachts UK is delighted with the reception that the Italian yacht brand has received in the capital.

“Our aim was to increase the exposure of the Sanlorenzo brand in the UK and expand its reach beyond the boating community,” says Nick Hatfield, Sales Manager at Sanlorenzo Yachts UK.

“We’re thrilled with how our immersive experience has been received, with attendees including current clients, prospective owners, brokers and members of the marine and luxury lifestyle press.

“The series of social and networking events we’ve hosted with partners from across the finance and aviation sectors, including Coutts, Close Brothers, Investec and Jetfly, has boosted the overall reach so that Sanlorenzo is now firmly on the map in the UK across both the yachting and UHNW communities.”

Central to the immersive experience was the opportunity to get onboard and explore a brand new 28-metre Sanlorenzo SL90A, a yacht that personifies style and elegance, showcasing the Italian shipyards incredible design innovation and artisan craftmanship.

“The SL90A is a stunning example of what we can build together,” continues Nick. “To truly understand the almost limitless customisation capabilities and how the shipyard creates made to measure yachts that reflect the individual personalities of their owners you need to physically experience one.

“Our event has allowed us to take people around a yacht that embodies the shipyards values and educate them on the difference between being a yacht owner and being an owner of a Sanlorenzo. It’s also allowed us to speak to people who may not have previously considered a yacht, and introduce them to the possibility of creating their own one-of-a-kind floating home from home.

“Through our immersive event, we’ve achieved our primary objective of increasing brand awareness of this remarkable brand in the UK, as well as highlighting how we make the brand more easily accessible, working closely with our customers throughout the entire process of bringing to life their dream yacht, encompassing their lifestyle and entertainment requirements.”

Designed by renowned naval architect Bernado Zuccon and built by Sanlorenzo Yacht at its Ameglia base on the Ligurian coast of Italy, the SL90A is available now, in time for the Mediterranean season.

This beautifully specified yacht is currently on its way from London to Sanlorenzo Yachts UK’s base on the River Hamble at Swanwick, Southampton, where it can be viewed by appointment.

To book your appointment to take a tour of the SL90A and experience Sanlorenzo’s unparalleled Italian style contact the Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team via [email protected] or +44 (0) 2380 450 001


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