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Exterior Design: Zuccon International Project / Interior design: Piero Lissoni

The SX112 is the new flagship of the innovative SX crossover line, the first in the world of yachting, launched in 2017 by Sanlorenzo and result of the synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flybridge and what is now recognised as an Explorer yacht. A combination of style, flexibility and functional quality.

The SX112 is 34 meters in length and represents the consolidation of a path that began with the SX88, first, and then the SX76. Many of the normal barriers on board are eliminated, and the boat opens to the outside, in a close relationship with environment beyond.

The design of the new model has been assigned, for the external lines, to the creativity of Bernardo Zuccon, of Studio Zuccon International Project, who has concentrated on reinforcing the “family feeling” of the range, bringing out certain linguistic choices such as the balance of the volumes and the fluid forms, and to Piero Lissoni, art director of the company since 2018, for the interiors of the first unit, who has focused on the subdivision of the internal spaces, in constant dialogue with their outdoor counterparts.

In line with the concept developed for the other models, the main deck has been organized as an open space, to maximize the relationship with outdoor spaces.

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Beach Club

The focal point of the project is the new stern zone, which undoubtedly represents the most iconic area of the yacht, a choice that generates new living perspectives based on an idea of the architect Luca Santella, creator of the concept of the innovative SX crossover line. A refinement and evolution of the design of SX88, the new model offers a spacious beach area of about 90 sqm, expandable thanks to folding terraces, composed of an internal zone with fitness area directly connected to the outside by means of large sliding glass doors that permit the owners to utilize the spaces in an unprecedented way, maximizing the indoor-outdoor relationship.

The SX76 and SX 88 are also available to view until the 6th Oct at the Genoa Boat Show. For more information or to arrange a viewing – please see: HERE or call the Sanlorenzo UK Team on: +44(0)7879 841594.