Sanlorenzo Superyachts launches the fifth unit of the 52Steel

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With another three units under construction, the 52Steel continues to be one of the key players in the Sanlorenzo fleet

Sanlorenzo Superyachts has officially kicked off the new season by launching the fifth unit of the 52Steel, a 52-metre long steel yacht of which a further 3 units are currently under construction at the La Spezia shipyard.

The refined elegance and timeless lines of the 52Steel, which are a Sanlorenzo trademark, conceal surprising interior volumes and exterior spaces for maximum comfort and enjoyment. A five-deck superyacht under 500GT, it impresses with design solutions normally found on much larger models and forward thinking technical innovations which are the result of the shipyard’s ongoing research and development, which have resulted in making her an international success and one of the stars of the Sanlorenzo fleet.

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One of the revolutionary elements of the 52Steel, which has won her several major awards, is the entire stern area: on the Main deck the swimming pool with a transparent bottom allows light to pass into the area below, creating a dreamlike effect.

The fifth unit, bears the signature of Officina Italiana Design for its exterior design while the interiors are designed by architect Tiziana Vercellesi.

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“The interiors requested by the owner, and interpreted by me, have a classic style with warm colours and a discreet elegance that is revealed in the details, the workmanship and the choice of materials such as Tanganyika wood, light-coloured leathers and marble.

In fact, the creation of the interiors reflects the rich knowledge and experience of those who know how to use wood and marble with expertise. In the main salon, for example, we have created a made to measure floor with inlaid marbles of different colours and a classic Italian design.

The furnishings will be enhanced by decorative elements and pieces of art made especially for this boat.”

Arch. Tiziana Vercellesi

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Like every Sanlorenzo yacht, this unit is a tailor-made, made to measure according to the owner’s requests and lifestyle. From the white of the exteriors, used for the first time on a 52Steel, to the choice of materials, finishes and furnishings to the design of the spaces.

The layout features an unusual and very successful configuration: at the bow of the Main deck, where the Owner’s Suite is usually located, Sanlorenzo has placed instead two large VIP Suites, complete with entrance, cloakroom, bathroom and cabin, cut out along the ship’s length and featuring huge windows looking directly out to sea. The Owner’s Suite is situated at the stern of the Upper deck, which thus becomes, together with the cockpit, an area for the exclusive use of the owner.

At the Owner’s request, this unit is also equipped with a lift that runs through all the decks, from the lower deck to the sundeck.