Sanlorenzo to showcase installation by Piero Lissoni during Milan Design Week

From 16 to 28 April, the eighteenth-century courtyard of the University of Milan will be the setting for an installation symbolising Sanlorenzo’s commitment to marine sustainability, featuring the revolutionary BGH-HSV (Hydrogen Support Vessel) project by Bluegame.

The Italian shipyard brings a unique experience to Milan Design Week 2024 as part of the Interni Cross Vision exhibition-event with its installation ‘Sustainable Underwater Balance’ (SUB). Placed in the evocative courtyard of the University of Milan’s eighteenth-century building, ‘SUB’ is a creation of architect Piero Lissoni, Sanlorenzo’s Art Director since 2018.

‘SUB’ invites the audience to explore the underwater world as a symbol of pristine purity and commitment to ocean conservation, enabling a new perspective: the sea seen from within the sea.

The installation is designed to transport visitors to an underwater universe where sunlight dances through the water, creating a magical interplay of light and shadow. In this surreal setting, marine creatures in motion can be admired, symbolising a respectful and sustainable marine ecosystem.

At the heart of the installation lies one of the Sanlorenzo’s latest creations, the revolutionary BGH-HSV (Hydrogen Support Vessel) model by Bluegame, a Sanlorenzo brand.

It represents a highly complex technical and design challenge: a multihull vessel of just 10 metres, capable of reaching speeds of 50 knots and covering a range of 180 miles, with hydrogen-powered foils, embodying the pinnacle of sustainability to date.

The digital reconstruction of BGH during navigation moments, with an underwater perspective, illustrates Sanlorenzo’s commitment to sustainability and marine environment protection.

This underwater world will provide a visual and conceptual framework for reflecting on our relationship with the environment and the importance of adopting sustainable practices for its preservation. Through the use of digital technologies and representation of underwater scenarios, the installation celebrates the innovation and sustainability of Sanlorenzo’s projects, where the coexistence among animals, humans, and vessels is not only possible but can be fluid, peaceful, and devoid of danger.

“This year, together with Sanlorenzo, we brought a slice of the sea to the University,” says Piero Lissoni.

“It’s as if we sliced and placed a block of ocean with everything inside it: marine creatures, waves, swimmers. Amidst this virtual sea, the silhouette of the new Bluegame vessel can be seen. People will be able to walk inside the parallelepiped with walls made of virtual water and not get wet at all.”

Carla Demaria, CEO of Bluegame, comments: “Our vision at Bluegame has always been to combine technological excellence with a deep respect for the marine environment. The BGH-HSV project represents a significant step towards realising this vision.

“We are excited to present to the world this tangible testament to our commitment to maritime sustainability. The use of hydrogen as a propulsion system, an absolute novelty in recreational boating, is a tangible sign of our commitment to reducing emissions and adopting innovative solutions for a more sustainable future”.

The ‘SUB’ installation will be open to the public in the courtyard of the University of Milan’s eighteenth-century building until the 28 April, 2024.

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