Jewels of the Sea

Jewels of the Sea

At the recent British Motor Yacht Show, the Sanlorenzo Yachts UK team was delighted to cross paths with bespoke jewellery brand, W&W Jewellery, which shares Sanlorenzo’s passion for custom design, innovation and craftmanship.

Crafting tailor-made motor yachts that channel the individual style and desires of their owners, Sanlorenzo is a master in creating an entirely customised experience, with the made to measure interiors on its luxury motor yachts hand-crafted to perfection.

Mirroring Sanlorenzo’s ethos, W&W crafts exquisite bespoke jewellery to create an unforgettable experience while encapsulating the unique essence of the wearer within each custom piece. It was founded for those with a desire for distinctiveness and continues to combine its extensive industry experience with a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and unrivalled personal service, to create one-of-a-kind jewellery where detail is everything.

So, from bespoke jewels of the sea to bespoke jewellery inspired by the ocean, take a journey to explore the pinnacle of luxury design…

Boats and Jewellery

Secrets of the Deep

The allure of water is a powerful thing and its mystery and sanctuary have offered incredible inspiration to creatives throughout time – from Monet and Turner to Dickenson, Tennyson, Hemmingway and countless more. Over the years the sea has kept its hold over art in many forms, including a great deal of W&W’s bespoke jewellery designs. Whether incorporating colours and textures to remind the wearer of a picture-perfect moment, or harnessing the more abstract power of freedom, the ocean allows unbridled scope for the imagination.

Deck and interior of yacht with gold and blue ring

Jewellery Tied to the Ocean

The stunning ring above was created to honour a W&W client’s survival of a difficult time and also the importance of her strong connection to the sea. According to legend, aquamarines are known as mermaid’s stones, protecting sailors from the perils of the ocean. The piece became known as the Mermaid Ring, beautifully channelling her past and present in a design that will be worn and loved for many years to come.

Channelling the essence of the wearer into a bespoke design takes a multi-faceted approach. The below pendant, created as a wedding gift, was inspired by a client’s international lifestyle. Currently based in the South of France, with the Mediterranean Sea at every turn, the piece takes note from the couple’s curated life, with influences from local architecture and of course a palette of dazzling Mediterranean colour.

For many, finding exactly the right gemstone is key to perfect custom jewellery. W&W Jewellery’s extensive connections means it is able to scour the world for the right shade and quality of gemstone or diamond. From sourcing a rare colour-change sapphire to perfectly reflect ever shifting waters, to finding the perfect deep green tourmaline, reminiscent of family holidays off the east coast of Africa. Whether in colour or in the details of design, the sea has played an important role in many of our bespoke creations.

Yacht staircase and jewelled pendant

Luxury on the Water

With such inspirational beauty all around, Sanlorenzo extends the bespoke experience to life on the water, creating a tailor-made world that aligns perfectly with its clients and elevates their time at sea to the next level.

Sanlorenzo’s 57Steel Virtuosity was recently awarded the Judges Commendation at this year’s Boat International Design and Innovation Awards, the custom interior for the remarkable 56.5m yacht was realised by renowned Italian designer Piero Lissoni, who is also Art Director at Sanlorenzo.

It was the project’s curvaceous staircase which particularly caught the eye of the judges. Describing it as ‘breath-taking’ and a ‘masterpiece’, the judging panel were captivated by its beautiful architecture, noting the construction and unique use of Corian and steel.

The Beauty of Bespoke

Employing artisans of the finest calibre, from designers to craftsman, and with painstaking care taken at every stage, incredible quality is synonymous with the bespoke experience. Whether jewel or vessel, custom creation is the ultimate expression of personal style and the pinnacle of luxury living.

The beauty of bespoke is not limited to the final creation, the creative journey is equally as significant as clients work in close unity with designers, becoming part of the process. The end result is something multi-layered and extraordinary, with its own story to tell.

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