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Sanlorenzo launches the eighth unit of the 500Exp

With nine units sold, Sanlorenzo confirms its leadership of the Explorer market.

The eighth unit of the 500Exp line has hit the water at the Sanlorenzo Superyacht facility in La Spezia. An elegant and advanced interpretation of the Explorer yacht style, of which the ninth unit has also been sold. The 500Exp is one of the favourite models for owners wishing to enjoy long crossings without sacrificing any comfort on board.

This model combines Sanlorenzo’s unmistakable elegance with large, articulated spaces and the latest technologies that have made it possible to transform a yacht that’s style was born as a commercial vessel into a sophisticated superyacht designed to allow complete autonomy in exploring far-off locations.

A powerful and majestic superyacht with impeccably elegant lines making it instantly recognisable, sophisticated and unique. The hull, inspired by the profiles of the great exploration ships, promises cruising to distant destinations and exotic places.

At 47 metres in length and with a gross tonnage of just under 500 tonnes, the 500Exp is distinguished by its exceptional performance, with a long cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles, enabling it to navigate along the coast with minimal consumption and to make ocean crossings with ease.

The Explorer thus offers owners an almost unobtainable gift: an authentic sense of adventure.

Every kind of nautical entertainment is possible on board the Explorer, thanks to the ability to accommodate tenders or sailing boats of up to 9 metres on the stern or, depending on the Owner’s wishes, a seaplane or a submarine, spaces that would be unthinkable in other yachts of the same size.

The lower deck houses a beach club which, thanks to the opening hatch, allows for a complete connection with the sea and which, as an option, can be converted into a garage to accommodate tenders of up to seven metres and numerous toys.

The interiors are extremely spacious and inviting, thanks to the choice of décor that favours the use of sophisticated materials such as prestigious woods, crystal, marble and precious fabrics and leathers. The exclusive furnishings include pieces made to measure by skilled craftsmen and companies representing the excellence of design.

A model that perfectly represents Sanlorenzo’s high capacity to meet all kinds of requirements, such as the possibility of creating a touch-and-go landing platform for a helicopter, an unusual feature in yachts of less than 50 metres.