Sanlorenzo begins construction of the first 72Steel

The new flagship of the superyacht fleet will be the largest ever built by the yard.

In a very private ceremony with the owner in attendance, the keel of the first Sanlorenzo 72Steel was laid. This marks the official start of the construction of this remarkable flagship superyacht.

The 72Steel is an innovative project, yet it maintains Sanlorenzo’s unmistakable style and DNA: an imposing 72-metre-long metal yacht, five decks and a volume of 1850 GT. Due to be launched in 2025, a second unit of the same line has also been sold.

Zuccon International Project and Francesco Paszkowski Design will address the exterior lines and interior design. The 360 degrees design centres around onboard liveability, in which the owner’s cabin will have a dedicated deck. Interiors and exteriors will work together in a smart and functional manner, and feature extensive glazing.

This new protagonist of the Sanlorenzo range will be one of the first yachts of the future, being equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric motor system, the result of the shipyard’s ongoing research into real solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its vessels. This system embodies the best green technology on the market to significantly reduce emissions in the atmosphere and at sea. A high level of onboard comfort is achieved by streamlining spaces dedicated to the engine area, in favour of internal volumes for owners and guests.

At present, there are 22 steel and/or aluminium Sanlorenzo superyachts from 44 to 73 metres under construction. The Superyacht Division continues to record steady growth and reaffirms its leadership in the metal sector with a fleet of 45 vessels in progress.

For more information on the Sanlorenzo 72Steel, please contact us.

Sanlorenzo has launched its first 57Steel superyacht in La Spezia. The launch of this model marks a very important date in the ongoing growth of the Sanlorenzo’s Superyacht Division.  This first example is 56.50 meters in length with five decks and a tonnage of 1050 GT. A prototype of the line, it will be delivered to its owner at the beginning of 2023.

In terms of design, Sanlorenzo’s new addition was overseen by Bernardo Zuccon, studio Zuccon International Project. This is the first time he has designed the exterior lines of a superyacht of this size.

“The 57 Steel is an ambitious project behind which there has been an intense amount of typological research. This very important study has been at the centre of Zuccon International Project’s development since the beginning of its collaboration with Sanlorenzo. The aim was to create a craft of around 1050 GT with functional and lifestyle features that are normally found on boats of a larger size. From a design point of view, the most important challenge was to find the right balance between the volume and proportions of the boat. The external lines have a defined and extremely fluid progression in which the yard’s language shines through. We can define 57Steel as “a skillful play of balance between content and container.”

Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project

sanlorenzo superyacht 57steel

This new superyacht allows for indoor and outdoor spaces that are decidedly out of the ordinary and revises the different functions of on-board spaces in a new way. In fact, the layout of the 57Steel alters the traditional balance whereby the wheelhouse, which is normally located at the bow of the upper deck, is relocated to another deck – the bridge deck typical of larger yachts. This offers the possibility of using the upper deck differently. It is here that we find the owner’s cabin overlooking the large Owner’s deck, a private space that guarantees an exclusive view of the sea.

Thanks to the unusual layout, a large full-beam VIP cabin, which can be used as a second owner’s cabin, has also been placed forward on the main deck. This large aft area includes a swimming pool with a transparent bottom that allows light to filter into the beach area below. The beach area can be further extended towards the water thanks to the folding terraces. 

Designed by Studio Vickers of London, the interiors were created by working closely with the client. This made it possible to create warm and cosy environments that perfectly meet the ideas and wishes of the owner.

sanlorenzo superyacht 57steel

”We were tasked with creating a warm, detailed and inviting interior for an experienced owner and his family aboard this 57-metre steel Sanlorenzo. The design process was a huge creative pleasure and the shipyard team responded really well to our design direction, producing a wonderful interior. We were excellently supported by West Nautical’s management and construction team, who were extremely professional. We have worked with Sanlorenzo before and know the care and attention to detail, but on this yacht, it was exceptional.”
John Vickers, Vickers Studio

sanlorenzo superyacht 57steel

This 57Steel is the first of four sold units, and another 21 Sanlorenzo superyachts from 44 to 73 meters are currently under construction. A fleet of 45 units are also in progress. As such, the Sanlorenzo Superyacht Division continues to grow steadily and reaffirms itself as a leader in the steel sector.

For more information on the Sanlorenzo 57Steel, please contact us.

Sanlorenzo Superyachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2022

Staged from 28 September to 1 October at Port Hercules, the Monaco Yacht Show sees Sanlorenzo’s Superyacht Division exhibit among industry leaders with two of the most successful models in its Superyacht fleet: 62Steel and Alloy. Sanlorenzo also celebrates the sale of its new flagship, the 73Steel, scheduled for delivery to an existing Sanlorenzo owner in 2026. Bluegame’s BG72 and BG42 are also at the show.

Sanlorenzo 62Steel

With its five decks and a gross tonnage of 1350 tonnes, the Sanlorenzo 62Steel is one of the most esteemed superyachts in the entire industry.

An impressive five-deck metal superyacht, first unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2021, the 62Steel boasts interior spaces that ensure maximum comfort for all guests. The special feature of this model is encapsulated in the owner’s suite area, an airy space located on the upper deck that offers a breathtaking panoramic view and is connected to an outdoor bow area of over 140 square metres: an entire deck for the exclusive use of the owner. 62Steel is as much about privacy as it is about conviviality, with the main deck area divided between the saloon and dining room and opening outwards onto the large pool with its transparent floor that becomes a sunbathing area when required. Four units of this metal giant have been sold to date, the third of which is scheduled for delivery in early 2023. The fourth unit, the project will grow to a length of 64 metres and will be renamed 64Steel.

62 steel Sanlorenzo Super Yacht at sea Starboard Side profile

Sanlorenzo Alloy

Another proud representative of the brand’s values around the world, winner of the World Superyacht Awards 2022, and World Premiering at the show: the Sanlorenzo Alloy.

A fast-displacement model measuring 44.5 metres in length and made entirely of aluminium, Sanlorenzo Alloy is the perfect synthesis of the typological experimentation that the shipyard has been pursuing for years to bring new points of view on board, exploring ever new scenarios to offer owners and their guests. With a layout that moves away from the traditional layout of spaces to take the concept of liveability to the maximum, Alloy is a superyacht that opens up to the seascape by offering surprising spaces to be experienced both inside and outside. These include the owner’s cabin conceived as a private apartment of 147 square metres and organised on three levels connected to each other, with an indoor and an outdoor area.

The collaboration between the Sanlorenzo team and Bernardo Zuccon, who was responsible for the exterior design, made it possible to conceptualise, design and build a three-deck yacht that maintains sleek, essential lines and at the same time offers megayacht solutions thanks to its large volumes, in fact the GT are 490, the success of which is testified by the ten units sold to date.

Sanlorenzo Superyacht Alloy44


On the docks of the Monaco Yacht Show, the BG72, the fleet’s elder sister, represents the brand’s innovative DNA. Filling a gap in the yachting market, the BG72 brings together admirers of both fly and open boats.



In addition to the disruptive BG72, Bluegame is also presenting the BG42 Big Game. This is an exceptional chase boat to accompany Sanlorenzo’s 62 Steel and Alloy superyachts on display. With this version of the BG42, dedicated to lovers of open sea fishing, Bluegame returns to its roots and expresses all its sporting soul. A model so unique that it will not go unnoticed in the marina, thanks also to the unique hull graphics created by Roberta Verteramo Art-Designer and the first-rate fisherman equipment.


For more information on any of these models, please contact us.


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X-SPACE the new Sanlorenzo Superyacht

The X-Space is a new concept of superyacht, representing the pinnacle of Sanlorenzo’s experience and innovation.

With a length of 44 metres, over five decks and a tonnage of 495 GT, the X-Space offers extraordinary volumes for a yacht of this size. The X-SPACE expands the brand’s superyacht range by launching a yacht, designed for owners who love to explore faraway destinations, without relinquishing the unmistakable elegance of Sanlorenzo’s lines. A project that best expresses the concept of travel, born from the encounter between the fascinating world of the Explorer and the romantic imagery of the classic navette.

A perfect synthesis of functionality and design, the X-SPACE combines Sanlorenzo’s technical and design heritage in an unexpected interplay of proportions and balance that defines every area of the yacht.

A model that represents the company’s profound ability to respond to market demands, interpreting them according to the discreet elegance and refinement that has characterised the company since its inception and is appreciated by international owners, enthusiasts and sophisticated connoisseurs of the nautical world.

Symbolic of Sanlorenzo’s understated approach is the aft area on the main deck, a huge multi-function terrace with an 18-square-metre swimming pool overlooking the sea, which can be closed while underway or whilst in the marina. This open-air living room can be extended by another 18 square metres thanks to the folding balconies.

An innovative element of the X-SPACE is the unusual layout that brings the wheelhouse onto the Bridge Deck, freeing up the Upper Deck which is then dedicated entirely to the owner.

In line with Sanlorenzo’s tailored attitude, the X-SPACE offers an entire deck with extreme privacy that is independent from the other areas, it includes a study, living room and a large master cabin framed by glass walls, which encapsulates the presence of nature around it and overlooks a private deck at the bow, a 30-square-metre sunbed area which includes a swimming pool.

“I think it has never been so important as it has in this project to seek to identify with the owner, who will be the great commander of this boat, hence the desire to create an entire deck dedicated to their needs. This is a solution that is normally found on larger boats and it shows that this is a yacht where the owner will have the great luxury of being able to spend a lot of time on board. I’ve always thought that architecture is the primary tool to allow man to live better, and in this case the X-Space project was born with the desire not to create a wonderful floating structure, but to create a wonderful vessel for life.”

Bernardo Zuccon

The X-SPACE project is characterised by the theme of transparency, which has characterised the design of the exteriors, by Studio Zuccon International Project, and made it possible to eliminate barriers and obstacles, achieving total fusion and continuity with the interiors, designed by Piero Lissoni.

“The X-SPACE has been forced to become a boat almost entirely made of glass: there are large panes of glass, large windows and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls. The interior has forced its hand on the exterior and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior has almost adapted itself in a totally natural way. I think this is the most innovative language I’ve seen on a superyacht to date and it has made it possible to create a compact boat but with extraordinary proportions and the unique quality of Sanlorenzo.”

Piero Lissoni

The first unit of the X-Space will be delivered in 2023, it expresses a desire for escape, power and yet respects the family feeling, the lines and the details that reflect the DNA and history of Sanlorenzo.

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Sanlorenzo launches the eighth unit of the 500Exp

With nine units sold, Sanlorenzo confirms its leadership of the Explorer market.

The eighth unit of the 500Exp line has hit the water at the Sanlorenzo Superyacht facility in La Spezia. An elegant and advanced interpretation of the Explorer yacht style, of which the ninth unit has also been sold. The 500Exp is one of the favourite models for owners wishing to enjoy long crossings without sacrificing any comfort on board.

This model combines Sanlorenzo’s unmistakable elegance with large, articulated spaces and the latest technologies that have made it possible to transform a yacht that’s style was born as a commercial vessel into a sophisticated superyacht designed to allow complete autonomy in exploring far-off locations.

A powerful and majestic superyacht with impeccably elegant lines making it instantly recognisable, sophisticated and unique. The hull, inspired by the profiles of the great exploration ships, promises cruising to distant destinations and exotic places.

At 47 metres in length and with a gross tonnage of just under 500 tonnes, the 500Exp is distinguished by its exceptional performance, with a long cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles, enabling it to navigate along the coast with minimal consumption and to make ocean crossings with ease.

The Explorer thus offers owners an almost unobtainable gift: an authentic sense of adventure.

Every kind of nautical entertainment is possible on board the Explorer, thanks to the ability to accommodate tenders or sailing boats of up to 9 metres on the stern or, depending on the Owner’s wishes, a seaplane or a submarine, spaces that would be unthinkable in other yachts of the same size.

The lower deck houses a beach club which, thanks to the opening hatch, allows for a complete connection with the sea and which, as an option, can be converted into a garage to accommodate tenders of up to seven metres and numerous toys.

The interiors are extremely spacious and inviting, thanks to the choice of décor that favours the use of sophisticated materials such as prestigious woods, crystal, marble and precious fabrics and leathers. The exclusive furnishings include pieces made to measure by skilled craftsmen and companies representing the excellence of design.

A model that perfectly represents Sanlorenzo’s high capacity to meet all kinds of requirements, such as the possibility of creating a touch-and-go landing platform for a helicopter, an unusual feature in yachts of less than 50 metres.

First Sanlorenzo 57Steel underway

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Sanlorenzo starts the construction of the first unit of the 57Steel superyacht at the La Spezia shipyard.

Time, dedication, know-how and a precise focus: breaking down the established rules of the nautical world to create yachts and superyachts capable of exploring new concepts of life on board.

A yacht that aims to become one of the new stars of the Sanlorenzo superyacht range. Equipped with a hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system, underlining the company’s ability to always look to the future by continuously studying solutions that can reduce the impact on the marine ecosystem.

This sophisticated superyacht with her elegant clean lines, a characteristic common to all the Sanlorenzo ranges is distinguished by its straight bow, giving it a striking yet purposeful profile.

The new 57Steel is an ambitious project, the result of another successful collaboration between the shipyard and Studio Zuccon International Project, which has led to the creation of a 56.70 metre long yacht with 5 decks and a tonnage of 1000 GT.

Her extraordinary volumes, which are double compared to the 52Steel, have made it possible to offer indoor and outdoor spaces that are decidedly unexpected for a yacht of this size.

The main design challenge for the 57Steel was to find the perfect balance between volumes and proportions, a challenge that was fully realised. This was achieved by creating an innovative layout: the wheelhouse area, normally forward on the upper deck, has been relocated to an additional deck – a real bridge deck, normally reserved for larger yachts – thus making it possible to use the upper deck for a different purpose. This is where the owner’s cabin is located, a 54-square-metre space overlooking the very large Owners Deck, a private deck from which to enjoy an exclusive view over the sea and beyond.

[dt_gallery_masonry bwb_columns=”desktop:1|h_tablet:1|v_tablet:1|phone:1″ image_border_radius=”0px” project_icon_color=”#ffffff” project_icon_border_width=”0px” include=”5543″ css_dt_gallery=”.vc_custom_1619443550553{padding-top: 32px !important;padding-bottom: 32px !important;}”]

The new layout has also made it possible to create a spacious full-beam VIP cabin forward of the main deck that can be used as a second owner’s cabin.

“The versatility of use that distinguishes the spaces on board is a key element of the 57Steel, which makes it possible to satisfy the many requests of a diverse and multicultural market like that of superyachts. A model in which there is no ostentation of the brand and whose external lines are defined and extremely fluid, transparent and clear, in which the language of the shipyard shines through. We can define the 57 Steel as a skilful balancing act between content and container.”

Bernardo Zuccon

An evolution of the 52Steel, the new model incorporates its winning features, in particular the design of the stern area where on the main deck, the swimming pool with its transparent floor, allows the passage of light into the environment below. An extraordinary beach club area of 110 square metres created by the opening balconies on three sides which become small beaches on the water’s edge, creating astonishing engagement with the sea.

One of the innovative elements of the 57Steel is the decision to place the garage at the bow, which has made it possible to create a large dedicated area equipped to accommodate tenders of up to 7.5m and numerous toys.

Thanks to a strategic division of space, the layout also allows for up to seven guest cabins and a further deck, below the lower deck, totally dedicated to services such as laundry, wardrobes and cold storage.

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Finalists in the prestigious Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2021

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Boat International logo

Sanlorenzo Yachts Announced as Multiple Finalists

We are thrilled to share that four Sanlorenzo Yachts have been announced as finalists in the prestigious Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2021. These awards acknowledge all aspects of yachting from naval architecture and styling to the design and technology of the yachts with a key focus on aspects that represent innovation, engineering and sustainability amongst the ever changing requirements of yacht owners.

Due to current regulations Boats International’s highly experienced judging panel had to assemble online for the judging days and we are excited to hear who the winners will be when revealed at the Superyacht Design Festival in Milan which is due to take place in July 2021.

The Sanlorenzo Yachts finalists are:


Outstanding Exterior Motor Yacht Design – 24m to 39.9m

Name: SX112
Length: 34.1m
Exterior Design: Zuccon International Project
Naval Architecture: Sanlorenzo
Builder: Sanlorenzo


Best Motor Yacht Interior Design - 499GT and below

Name: H1
Length: 44m
Interior Design: Michele Bönan
Naval Architecture: Sanlorenzo
Builder: Sanlorenzo


Outstanding Lifestyle Feature

Name: H1 - Owners' Suite
Length: 44m
Interior Design: Michele Bönan
Exterior Design: Zuccon International Project
Naval Architecture: Sanlorenzo
Builder: Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo SX112

Outstanding Lifestyle Feature

Name: SX112 - Beach Club
Length: 34.1m
Exterior Design: Zuccon International Project
Interior Design:
Builder: Sanlorenzo
Naval Architecture: Sanlorenzo

Discover more about the SX1121

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Sanlorenzo Superyachts launches the fifth unit of the 52Steel

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With another three units under construction, the 52Steel continues to be one of the key players in the Sanlorenzo fleet

Sanlorenzo Superyachts has officially kicked off the new season by launching the fifth unit of the 52Steel, a 52-metre long steel yacht of which a further 3 units are currently under construction at the La Spezia shipyard.

The refined elegance and timeless lines of the 52Steel, which are a Sanlorenzo trademark, conceal surprising interior volumes and exterior spaces for maximum comfort and enjoyment. A five-deck superyacht under 500GT, it impresses with design solutions normally found on much larger models and forward thinking technical innovations which are the result of the shipyard’s ongoing research and development, which have resulted in making her an international success and one of the stars of the Sanlorenzo fleet.

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One of the revolutionary elements of the 52Steel, which has won her several major awards, is the entire stern area: on the Main deck the swimming pool with a transparent bottom allows light to pass into the area below, creating a dreamlike effect.

The fifth unit, bears the signature of Officina Italiana Design for its exterior design while the interiors are designed by architect Tiziana Vercellesi.

[dt_gallery_masonry bwb_columns=”desktop:1|h_tablet:1|v_tablet:1|phone:1″ image_border_radius=”0px” project_icon_color=”#ffffff” project_icon_border_width=”0px” include=”5305″ css_dt_gallery=”.vc_custom_1612786253583{padding-top: 32px !important;padding-bottom: 32px !important;}”]

“The interiors requested by the owner, and interpreted by me, have a classic style with warm colours and a discreet elegance that is revealed in the details, the workmanship and the choice of materials such as Tanganyika wood, light-coloured leathers and marble.

In fact, the creation of the interiors reflects the rich knowledge and experience of those who know how to use wood and marble with expertise. In the main salon, for example, we have created a made to measure floor with inlaid marbles of different colours and a classic Italian design.

The furnishings will be enhanced by decorative elements and pieces of art made especially for this boat.”

Arch. Tiziana Vercellesi

[dt_gallery_masonry bwb_columns=”desktop:1|h_tablet:1|v_tablet:1|phone:1″ image_border_radius=”0px” project_icon_color=”#ffffff” project_icon_border_width=”0px” include=”5306″ css_dt_gallery=”.vc_custom_1612786406722{padding-top: 32px !important;padding-bottom: 32px !important;}”]

Like every Sanlorenzo yacht, this unit is a tailor-made, made to measure according to the owner’s requests and lifestyle. From the white of the exteriors, used for the first time on a 52Steel, to the choice of materials, finishes and furnishings to the design of the spaces.

The layout features an unusual and very successful configuration: at the bow of the Main deck, where the Owner’s Suite is usually located, Sanlorenzo has placed instead two large VIP Suites, complete with entrance, cloakroom, bathroom and cabin, cut out along the ship’s length and featuring huge windows looking directly out to sea. The Owner’s Suite is situated at the stern of the Upper deck, which thus becomes, together with the cockpit, an area for the exclusive use of the owner.

At the Owner’s request, this unit is also equipped with a lift that runs through all the decks, from the lower deck to the sundeck.

Adventures in Alaska

From watching bears to picnicking on a glacier, the owner of Ocean Dreamwalker III tells Charlotte Hogarth-Jones about his awe-inspiring exploits in a frozen paradise

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Length 47.2m | Builder Sanlorenzo | Model 500 Exp | Cabins 5 | Exterior and interior designer Francesco Paszkowski | Top speed 15 knots

She’s known as a yacht that rarely spends more than a single night in a marina, so it’s no surprise that while others hunkered down amid the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, the owner of 47-metre Sanlorenzo Ocean Dreamwalker III had other plans. Having been to Alaska before, sightseeing and taking flights over the national parks, he was keen to try out his yacht – one of a number he owns, but the first designed with exploration in mind – and to gain a new perspective of this stunning area from the water. The boat’s captain helped devise an itinerary, with valuable input from another captain, Sean Meagher, who is particularly experienced in exploring this part of the world and had been in the same area just two weeks before.

Setting off from the city of Ketchikan in mid-August, the eight-day trip took in Anan Bay and its famous Bear and Wildlife Observatory, Wrangell (where guests played golf), Petersburg, the Steamboat Bay Anchorage (Frederick Sound), Tracy Arm, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Juneau and the Baranof Warm Springs. “The whole place is just spectacular,” enthuses the owner.

Of course, wildlife was a key draw throughout the trip. “Being on the boat enabled us to go into really remote regions in the national parks – we were in wild animal world,” he explains. As well as enjoying the Alaskan hot springs in the woods and walks on land, the group was lucky enough to catch sight of a group of bears fishing for wild salmon.

[dt_gallery_masonry bwb_columns=”desktop:4|h_tablet:4|v_tablet:2|phone:1″ image_border_radius=”0px” project_icon_color=”#ffffff” project_icon_border_width=”0px” include=”5289,5290,5291,5292″ css_dt_gallery=”.vc_custom_1611766147934{padding-top: 32px !important;padding-bottom: 32px !important;}”]

“The pictures I took were like something from a nature documentary,” he says with amazement.

“You can see the bears standing in the middle of the stream and snapping at the salmon in the air with the other bears around. It’s so natural.”

At Frederick Sound, meanwhile, guests sipped sundowners on the tender with whales less than a metre away. “There were so many whales around, with no other boats, and I could see the mountains covered with ice, and the sun shining through the mist, and the water was so flat and peaceful. The whales were just popping up everywhere and spouting water and flicking their beautiful tails and bodies in the sky. You just don’t know what word to use to describe a scene that beautiful,” he says.

In the national parks, the tracks of bears, deer and elk were visible, while “thousands of beautiful birds”, seals and dolphins were often right by the boat. One feature of the master suite made for a particularly surreal experience. At the touch of a button, a private balcony folds down. “I remember one morning, I woke up, and it was beautiful sunlight out, and not far away was this tall ice cap,” says the owner. “I opened the balcony and was enjoying a mimosa and a little breakfast, and then right in front of me there were whales swimming all around – black and white killer whales, different from the humpbacks we’d seen the day before. It was like waking from one dream and walking straight into another.”

[dt_gallery_masonry bwb_columns=”desktop:4|h_tablet:4|v_tablet:2|phone:1″ image_border_radius=”0px” project_icon_color=”#ffffff” project_icon_border_width=”0px” include=”5293,5294,5295,5296″ css_dt_gallery=”.vc_custom_1611766249946{padding-top: 32px !important;padding-bottom: 32px !important;}”]

Glaciers too, made for fascinating viewing, and owners and guests often took a stand-up jet ski, canoe or the yacht’s onboard Airbus H125 helicopter (which is operated by HSML) out to explore. “On one occasion, we set up a picnic for the owner on a big iceberg,” says the captain.

“We had a very low profile so it was safe enough, and we took all the seats and tables across and did a hotpot on there. There was a stunning view of the whole glacier. It was idyllic.” The owner, meanwhile, enjoyed admiring rivers of melted glacier ice running beneath the surface, and was delighted to enjoy his favourite whisky – a limited-edition Johnnie Walker that he’d bought a few bottles of in Iceland previously – served over freshly carved glacier ice.

“Going up Tracy Arm was the most challenging part,” says the captain with regard to navigation.
“It requires your full attention, as there’s a lot of ice around due to the calving of the glaciers, and you end up weaving between it for hours.” Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal-imaging cameras were the only additional kit that was taken on board for the voyage. “It definitely helped us during low-light conditions, especially when the sun was against you. It assisted with picking up floating ice that was low in the water,” he says. All moving was done during daylight hours as a safety precaution, though “the only thing that really works is just having another pair of eyes on the bridge”, he says. “The fact is that people wanted to be there. Even when crew were meant to be going on breaks, they didn’t want to miss anything.”

Sometimes, says the owner, you could hear the sound of falling ice from nearby glaciers, and see the resulting waves. “Certainly, you get nervous,” he says, “but the risk isn’t life-threatening – and that’s exactly what exploration is all about.” At one stage, Ocean Dreamwalker III was able to go right up to a waterfall by a large glacier. “That was quite a unique position to be in,” says the captain. “The boss opened a bottle of champagne on the bow and everyone took photos with the waterfall behind them. It was completely safe, and I was, like, ‘Wow… not many vessels do that.’” Both the captain and the owner agree that having the helicopter on board really expanded the possibilities for the trip. Often, the owner and his guests would explore using the heli while the yacht moved to another location. “We’d fly to a lake, and then see a waterfall and fly there, and then see another lake and fly to that, and then see a waterfall…” the owner says with a laugh. “These big white glaciers – they’re just so beautiful. It’s like something you only see in the movies.”

On another occasion, the owner – a keen golfer – set off for a round of golf on Alaska’s only golf course at Wrangell. “It’s a nine-hole course, but you can play 18 holes by doing a second round, which we did,” he explains. “Uniquely, because it’s such cold weather, they don’t have grass on the green – it’s man-made!” he laughs. “I’ve been playing golf for years and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that, but it was so beautiful.” Other facilities on board the yacht enhanced the experience – often, guests would enjoy exploring the ice before returning to the yacht’s spa pool. “I had a lot of family friends with me and often we’d be swimming in the pool, drinking whisky, facing this giant 200-metre glacier,” he recalls. The owner also enjoyed exercising in the gym under the helideck, and using its steam room, although often they would bring some of the Technogym machines out on deck. “I could exercise with whales swimming around me,” he explains, “because the gym has a balcony that extends towards the water.”

Did Covid-19 disrupt the owner’s plans? “Well, the original plan was to go up to Greenland and do the Northwest Passage from east to west before Alaska, but because of the Canadian borders being closed, that didn’t happen,” explains the captain. “I was quite happy about that, because it’s been a nice stepping stone to see how the vessel operated in those sorts of conditions – we’ll now depart for Antarctica in mid-December.”

While cruising Alaska, Ocean Dreamwalker III encountered only four other yachts, and only one motor yacht. For now, the owner is content with his boat. “It took me 15 design meetings, each one three to four days long to finalise all the features of this boat with Sanlorenzo, so I’ve put a lot of time into it,” he says. “I already have everything I want in it, with the option to add a submarine or an ATV or a hybrid jet ski on the reinforced deck, so right now I’m just in love with the whole experience.”

Antarctica will be another adventure of a similar ilk. He wants to take some of the younger generation on board, he explains, and as before, crew will be encouraged to join in. “You just want everybody to appreciate how beautiful our planet is,” he says, “and how amazing these extreme destinations are.”

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With 86 projects in 2020, once again Sanlorenzo tops the worldwide ranks of the leading manufacturer of yachts over 24 meters in length

Press release, 14 December 2020 – Once again this year, Sanlorenzo tops the annual rankings of the Global Order Book, reported by the magazine Boat International, confirming its position as the world’s leading single-brand shipyard in the production of yachts and superyachts over 24 meters in length. With 86 projects in 2020, equivalent to total length of 3089 meters, Sanlorenzo is once again at the top of the yachting sector, both in terms of number of boats and in terms of total length, also recording an average length of models produced constantly growing over the last 15 years.

The excellent results have been achieved both through to the growth of the Yacht division and the success of the new SX crossover line and thanks to the Superyacht division with 23 models under construction in 2020 in the La Spezia shipyard.
Among the new models, the 44Alloy fast-displacement superyacht, with a length of 44.5 meters, entirely in aluminium with an unprecedented layout for maximum indoor-outdoor eurythmics, and the 62Steel, which with its overall length of 61.5 meters, maximum width of 11.9, gross tonnage of 1200 and five decks offers surprising solutions capable of ensuring exceptional on-board comfort and livability.

While the numbers confirm the company’s solidity and resilience, in step with constant innovation in terms of engineering and styling, they also bear out the unrivalled leadership of Sanlorenzo in the sector, based on its peerless ability to foresee the demands of the market, adapting to new limits and setting new standards in the world of yachting, with every project.

Since 1992, the Global Order Book reports trends on the international market for boats over 24 meters in length. The ranking based on effective orders is published each year by the yachting magazine Boat International.

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